The force free approach for you and your dog

Qualified Dog Behaviourist covering Shropshire, Cheshire, Mid & North Wales and Staffordshire.

About Help at Hand

Founded by Caroline Lewis who is a fully qualified and insured dog behaviourist with many years of experience in different areas of the dog world. A Professional Member of International Companion Animal Network and Dog Welfare Alliance.

The aim is to always work with owners and other professionals to show how well dogs respond
and learn in a force free training environment – just like us.

Where do we work?

We cover Shropshire, North and Mid Wales and Staffordshire in person offering a range of services to fit you and your dogs needs. For dog owners and professionals living away from these areas we provide online, live (so nothing pre recorded) consultations, advice, support and tuition.

We work compassionately and effectively to help you and your dog create the understanding and partnership you wish to have, and ultimately deserve. When problems occur it is very common to feel frustrated, isolated, stressed, at times embarrassed and just not know what to do for the best. As owners we can feel there is ho hope, so ensuring you feel heard by the right behaviourist for your needs and worries is important.

Specialist in Rescue Dogs, Adolescent Dogs, Deaf Dogs, Anxiety and Fear in Dogs, Aggression / Reactivity

Our Services

Puppy Lifeskills

Helping both owner and dog build the skills essential for your dog's future happiness.

1-2-1 Consultations

One to one consultations on a range of dog behaviours and concerns.

Social Walks

Building you and your dogs confidence in new found skills on a managed walk.



I have delivered a range of talks for Vets, Schools & Groups on a variety of issues.

Our Reviews

Why Choose Help at Hand

Service, Support and Care

For those who have already met Caroline, you will know exactly what this means. It is not a ‘job’, it is a passion to help ensure everyone she meets, talks with, teaches - receives the best she can possibly provide. That is why results are achieved. Empowering people and their dogs is what is really important. We all learn through being listened to – this is what Help at Hand excel at.

Force Free

We only work on a force free basis. So no dominance methods, excessive treat/look at me methods. This really is about developing the understanding of your dog, what it is doing, what we may have been doing inadvertently without realising it, changing it in a calm, consistent way and moving forwards with confidence. There is no shaming judgement, criticism, humiliation or fear – for either you or your dog. Are treats used – yes sometimes, but in different ways that are backed up with understanding how the body works, science, and why they can be used in effective ways, but not always needed.


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